I am Alexander Chan, a versatile creative professional who thrives at the intersection of various disciplines, including front-end development, UI/UX design, mathematics, music, fabrication, coding, and graphic design. I have a passion for blending technology, aesthetics, and user-centered experiences, I am constantly pushing the boundaries of creativity to deliver innovative and impactful solutions.

You will find a diverse range of projects that showcase my expertise and demonstrate my ability to create cohesive and impactful experiences.

I am excited to collaborate, innovate, and create together. Let's bring ideas to life and make a lasting impact. Feel free to reach out at alexchansturgis@gmail.com
Leadership: Alpha Delta Phi Fraternity – Event Planner, Asian Unity – Group Organizer
Hobbies: Web3, blockchain, investing in crypto, stocks, basketball, hiking, self-taught hosting gaming servers and websites
Volunteering: Helped an orphanage construct medical cabinets and interacted with children for 2 years

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