date. 2021 august- 2021 december
city. Boulder, Colorado
by. Alexander Chan
Software used: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Dimensions
The purpose of this project was to make a practical cut out design and 3D model display for the packaging product. I made a chocolate box.
Firstly, I created a mood board to get inspiration and a feel for the design. Next, the colors, logos and text was finalized and organized on a cutout box. This template was custom made in Illustrator. I also used Adobe dimensions for the final chocolate box product to give a 3D view. 
My inspiration for this product is there is not too many cool chocolate box designs and chocolate is my favorite sugary snack. I felt like there should be more details into a chocolate bar for the consumer to have a more special experience.
Devils Chocolate BOX
Mood board used to capture and convey a particular mood, style, or concept which was a devious, heaty color! 
Setting the colors and use of words with a set of logos!
Cutout for the carton box design
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